There was an empty storage space at the Next Nature Network studio. It's dimensions are 180x180x360cm.

This is not much. As an architect, we are used to having to make the most out of scarce resources such as space and money. These odds are tough to bend - at least if you want to make something ambitious with what you've got. I looked for something that would amplify the power of my design gestures. A lever, so to speak.

This is a secluded room in an otherwise very open office. I was requested to create a place for making Skype calls, taking quick naps or being a bit more isolated and enjoying some privacy.  I envisioned (and executed) a wooden structure which divides this space in two. Below, shelves, storage, and a ladder. Above, four mirrors placed on the four walls thrust you towards infinity.

The mirrors were the lever. They amplified this space, by reflecting on each other, and bring about the illusion of the infinite - at least as far as your eyes are able to see. This room confronts you with a thousand you's -so it's more than a place for isolation and solitary reflection. It's a place outside of all other spaces; its like your mind turned inside out. You are simultaneously at Panamalaan 108, in Amsterdam, but also somewhere removed from everyday reality, where you become acutely aware of your own self, your own existence, your every feature and gesture. It's a special place.

We also installed two Phillips Hue lamps - lamps whose light colour can be customized simply by accessing a website. Combined with the mirrors, these lamps allow the person occupying the space to customize it according to their mood - or customizing their mood according to the choice of colour. It is not just the room whose colour you change, but also the mindspace it reflects. Your awareness of yourself is tinted - with a colour of YOUR choice. Become Red. Become Blue. Become Pink. Become.